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Cheese Delights: Gourmet Cheeseboard

Cheese Delights: Gourmet Cheeseboard

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This bamboo cutting board assortment is piled high with delicious samplings of Vino e Formaggio smoked Gouda cheese spread, classic pretzel sticks, sesame crackers, stone ground mustard and Bella Campagne whole mixed olives, It is ideal for preparing and serving this inviting selection.


  • Vino e Formaggio Smoked Gouda Cheese Spread (3.5oz)
  • East River Classic Style Pretzel Sticks (2.8oz)
  • Valley Lahvosh Sesame Rounds Crackers (4oz)
  • Bella Campagna Whole Mixed Olives (3.5oz)
  • Napa Valley Stone Ground Mustard (9oz)
  • Bamboo Cutting Board
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